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Grade 7 and 8 Students at St. Ursula Catholic School Make Donation and Raise Poverty Awareness for Canadian Food For Children 

Students in Kristin Pearson's Grade 7/8 class at St. Ursula Catholic School are learning about poverty, both locally and around the world.

"This was part of a 21st Century inquiry project, in which students were led to a deeper understanding of the effects of poverty, both here at home and in other parts of the world," says Ms. Pearson.  "We combined it with a Lenten project to accept donations for Canadian Food for Children.

As a result of what they learned about poverty, the students decided to collect hygiene products, school supplies and shoes, bringing in enough donated items to fill more than 100 paper grocery bags.  Representatives of Canadian Food for Children were invited to the school to accept the donations.

"The CFFC organization was very impressed with the amount of supplies the students collected in just three weeks and were very appreciative of their efforts," says Ms. Pearson.

In the photo, students pack the many items collected during the Lenten project in support of Canadian Food For Children.

Apr 21, 2017

Students at St. Vincent, Georges P. Vanier and St. Joseph Catholic Schools Participate in MusicCounts Workshop 

The Toronto-based Coalition for Music Education recently visited three Catholic schools, in a brief concert tour to showcase the importance of music in schools.

The visit was organized by Jacquelyn McGlynn, Itinerant Music Teacher for St. Vincent, St. Joseph and Georges P. Vanier Catholic schools, as a lead-up to Music Monday on May 1st, when schools across the country will join together in singing Sing it Together!  this year's Music Monday anthem.

"It was a tremendous opportunity for our students to meet these gifted musicians from the coalition and be treated to a concert by them," says Ms. McGlynn.  "We all know how important music is and whenever our students get to meet talented working musicians it inspires them."

In addition to the concert, the musicians talked to students about the concept of Music Monday and held a jam session with student musicians, who participate in recess music groups or school bands.

"It was a very fun day for everyone," says Ms. McGlynn. 

In the photo, members of the Coalition for Music Education perform for students during an assembly at St. Vincent Catholic School.


Apr 21, 2017

Grade 1 Students at St. Anne Blenheim Help Send a Child to Camp Vincent 

"What can we do to show our generosity to our community?"

That was the question Janey Mather Breault posed to her Grade 1 students at St. Anne Catholic School in Blenheim.

The students came up with lots of answers, but the project they settled on was to raise money to send a child to Camp Vincent this summer.

"The students were really excited by the project and it just took off," says Ms. Mather Breault.  "The students got their families involved and before you knew it we had surpassed our goal!"

With the help of their families, the students had planned to donate enough spring toys to fill two Easter gift baskets for a raffle.  They easily surpassed their goal and ended up with five gift baskets.  The students sold enough raffle tickets to raise $300, which was donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Summer Camp.  Representatives from the camp recently visited the school to accept the donation from the class.

In the photo, posing with students from the Grade 1 class are (Back Row L-R) Paige Butt and Lisa Diesbourg from Camp Vincent, who are accepting the cheque from Teacher Janey Mather Breault, as gift basket winner Anita O'Brien, a Program Resource Teacher at the school, and Principal Stacy Shepley look on.

Apr 21, 2017
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