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Holy Rosary Catholic School Showcases Students and School to the Community 

Staff and students at Holy Rosary Catholic School threw open the doors this week to welcome parents and grandparents and showcase the school to the community.

"This was a wonderful opportunity for us to show grandparents, parents and younger siblings what our Catholic school is all about," says Barbara Armstrong, Principal of Holy Rosary Catholic School.  "We had a wonderful turnout for the day!"

The event included a musical concert in the school gym featuring students from every class in the school, a book fair, displays of student work in literacy and numeracy and student art work.

"Holy Rosary is a great place for students to learn and grow in their faith," says Mrs. Armstrong.  "And students always love it when they can display their talents and abilities for their families.  It was a tremendous day!"

Holy Rosary has recently welcomed a family from Fort McMurray, Alberta to the school.  Proceeds from a cake draw will be donated to the Fort McMurray relief effort.

May 18, 2016

St. Patrick's Catholic High School Robotics Team Finishes in Top Third at World Championships in St. Louis 

St. Patrick's Catholic High School's Irish Iron Robotics Team has returned from the recent world championship competition in St. Louis after finishing in the top one third.

"It was a respectable finish and a memorable experience for everyone," says Diane Yurkewich, Science Department Head at St. Patrick's.  "The team has already begun to think about next year!"

Students from several countries around the globe participated in the international competition, including Australia, Israel and China.  It was the first time the St. Patrick's team competed in the world event, after winning earlier this year at a qualifying competition at Ryerson University in Toronto.

The four day event in St. Louis also included workshops on a variety of topics, including leadership, which were attended by members of the the Irish Iron team.

"We want to thank the many, many sponsors, without whose generous support our students could not have achieved this tremendous success, nor participated in such a memorable experience," says Mrs. Yurkewich.

In the photos are (top) the World Championships Team; (middle) the Toronto Regional Team; and (bottom) the Windsor Regional Team.



May 12, 2016

UCC Science Students Partner with Grade 7 Our Lady of Fatima Students in Collaborative Learning Project 

For the past several weeks, Grade 11 Chemistry students at Ursuline College have been engaged in a collaborative learning project with Grade 7 students from Our Lady of Fatima.  Two Grade 7 students were paired with one senior student in a unit on solutions and solubility, which overlaps the curricula for both grades.

"The students collaborated in Google hangouts and then we invited our Grade 7 partners to our lab, where they met the senior students and worked together on a procedure," says Kathy Kovacs-Pitblado, a Science Teacher at Ursuline College. 

The collaboration came about through the New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning (NPDL) Initiative.  NDPL is a global partnership involving 1,000 schools in 10 countries.  Its goal is to build teacher knowledge and practices that further learning opportunities for students.

"As part of the NDPL team for St. Clair Catholic, we were challenged to select a pedagogical practice and transform it into a learning opportunity that would further challenge our students to engage in learning at a deeper level," says Ms. Kovacs-Pitblado.  "It was a great experience for all of us - teachers and students in both elementary and secondary!"

In the photo above, UCC and Our Lady of Fatima students work together on a chemistry lab procedure, while teacher Kathy Kovacs-Pitblado (far right) looks on.

May 11, 2016
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