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"Celebration of Learning" Event at St. Elizabeth Catholic School a Huge Success 

Parents, students and members of the staff at St. Elizabeth Catholic School celebrated learning in a fun and unique way this month.

"Our Celebration of Learning was intended as a way to help involve our parents in their children's learning and in the school environment," says Liz Gibson, Principal of St. Elizabeth Catholic School.  "The evening was a success on both counts!"

Students designed, built and operated a "cardboard carnival" in the school gym.  The games involved many opportunities for reading, writing, media literacy, oral communications, science, math and visual arts.  Students collaborated with each other, both within their classes and across grades, to create the games.

"The cardboard carnival was in full swing during the evening, while we also held our parent-teacher conferences," says Mrs. Gibson.  "Both before and after the interviews, parents and students visited the carnival, which helped to expand the purpose of the evening by making learning and important part of it.  Our Celebration of Learning was a fun family event that turned out to be a tremendous success!"

The carnival food and prizes were also a big hit!

In the photo above, (L-R) Liz Gibson, Principal of St. Elizabeth Catholic School poses with students and Deb Crawford, Superintendent of Education, at one of the games for the St. Elizabeth cardboard carnival.

Feb 29, 2016

St. Clair Catholic District School Board Releases Long-Term Capital Plan for 2016-2021 

Associate Director Jim McKenzie has tonight presented to the Board of Trustees St. Clair Catholic’s Long-Term Capital Plan for 2016 through 2021.

“The purpose of the long-term capital plan is to guide future decisions of the Board in its responsibilities toward student achievement and well-being in our Catholic schools; and to ensure effective and equitable stewardship of Board resources and facilities,” says Dan Parr, Director of Education.

As is now required by provincial regulation, more than 30 municipal, educational and community partners were invited to attend the presentation.  In addition, each of the organizations was asked to submit any information which they believe may have been useful in the preparation of the report.

The comprehensive report pulls together wide-ranging data and statistical analysis, from age, size and condition of school facilities to population trends and projections, migration, residential development and birth data.

The full report has now been posted to the Board’s website. 

“This comprehensive document is a blueprint for the future, which will form the foundation of Board decisions as we go forward,” says Mr. Parr.  “However, I want to be clear that no student accommodation reviews are being announced this evening.”


Feb 23, 2016

Ursuline College Visual Arts Teacher Melissa Fernandez Receives Chatham-Kent Accessibility Advisory Committee Award 

Ursuline College Visual Arts Teacher Melissa Fernandes has been recognized by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent's Accessibility Advisory Committee with the Sheila Lindsey-Powers Accessibility Advocate Award.  Ms. Fernandes received the honours at a ceremony this afternoon.

In presenting the award, Chatham-Kent Councillor Bob Myers thanked Ms. Fernandes for her commitment to serve all members of the community.

"You don't see a student with a disability," said Mr. Myers.  "You see a student.  You're not just teaching, you're saving lives."

In paying tribute to Ms. Fernandes, Ray Power, Principal of Ursuline College Chatham Catholic Secondary School said she gives generously to students through extracurricular activities, such as the dance team, Pedagape community outreach and Lancer Link Crew.

"Whether it is the creative artistic eye or the faith Melissa has in all people, she brings out the abilities and talents of those around her," Mr. Power said.  "Melissa sees beyond any individual's limitations and recognizes every person's individual creativity and helps them harness that potential.  She constantly strives to break down perceived barriers and differentiate instruction to truly meet the needs of all students in her care."

The Alexander and Houle Funeral Home was also honoured by being named the "Accessible Business of the Year" and was presented with the Dr. Veronica Vaughan Award.

In the photo above are (L-R) Margaret Palmer, St. Clair Catholic System Chaplaincy Leader; Dan Parr, Director of Education; Melissa Fernandez; Bob Myers, Chatham-Kent Councillor; and Ray Power, Principal, Ursuline College.



Feb 16, 2016
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